About Us

What is Kincir?

Kincir is an online fans club. We stands as a media for fans to meet and connect directly to their idols as for idols, Kincir are the best tool to promote, distribute and connect with their fans. Join to Kincir is like entering their idol's base camp where they can do and know everything with and about their idols. "Idol Page" is a basecamp for every fan to hang out with their idols. Here, user – who are fans with the idols – can do and get everything from their idols. They can post their status and comments (we called them as "Shout"). They can also post photos, videos, etc to their idols. User or fans can also get the latest updates of all the news and events related to their idols. Go to idol's merchandise page, and fans can buy all their merchandise, from t-shirt, hats, etc.